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New Bopp Super PAC wants Republicans to help it raise unlimited funds


A Super PAC formed by campaign finance law challenger and Indiana attorney James Bopp Jr. intends to harness the fundraising efforts of Republican Party committees  and candidates to raise unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations to be spent influencing elections in the 2012 campaign. 

The concept behind Republican Super PAC, which will be introduced to party officials at a Republican National Committee meeting in Dallas this Wednesday, is for G.O.P. candidates and party officials at the national, state and local levels to steer contributions that they can't accept under federal or state election law to the newly ...

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Campaign disclosure foe James Bopp forms Super PAC


Attorney James Bopp, who's a key architect of the legal battle that's led to a flood of outside spending in elections, has registered a new independent expenditure only committee with the Federal Election Commission called the Republican Super PAC Inc.

The filing, which is signed by Bopp and lists him as treasurer, was dated May 11, 2011. 

Bopp represented and then worked as a legal adviser to Citizens United, the political committee that was the plaintiff in the 2010 Supreme Court case that found that corporations could spend unlimited money on independent expenditures to influence elections. He was ...

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FEC plans real-time release of campaign spending data


Earlier this week, Bob Biersack with the Federal Elections Commission detailed the upcoming release of new campaign finance data by the Federal Election Commission. The anticipated release that is scheduled for next week will contain near-real time independent expenditure data and electioneering communication data.
Biersack was careful to identify that the type of data being released is not necessarily new, but the format of the data and who the information is supplied by are the important factors.
The FEC official writes:
“It's important to remember that not all of the activity we see in 2010 in these categories will ...

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