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Tag Archive: Stimulus Bill

Genealogy of the Stimulus Bill


The current economic crisis does seem to present a combination of circumstances (the housing crisis, a credit crisis, declining international trade, rising unemployment), some of which are causes, some of which are symptoms, none of which--of course--are particularly pleasant for those going through them. So how does Congress, legislatively, address new circumstances? Do members and their staffs (and the lobbyists whispering in their ears) craft bills to solve the problems at hand? Or do they go through their archives and relabel old bills as solutions to new problems?

Using the indispensable, I'm going to look for antecedents ...

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Greasing the stimulus with pork?


Glenn Reynolds flags the latest twist on earmarks -- we'll have them, but call them something else:

At some point, [House Majority Whip James] Clyburn [(D-S.C.)] noted, there will be a list of projects funded by the package, and Members want to have input.

The list is going to come from somewhere, he said.

House Appropriations ranking member Jerry Lewis (R-Calif.) questioned whether the bill can truly be considered free of earmarks when it will be loaded up with complicated formulas directing spending.

Calling it an earmark-free thing and then saying there are established formulas doesn't sound very ...

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