Information for Journalists

Whether we’re uncovering significant changes to federal websites or confirming existing claims, we work closely with the journalist community to amplify the impact of our findings.

See our Journalist Pool Policy to learn more about how we source our work.

Are you a journalist interested in working with us? Please get in touch with Rachel Bergman, at, for any of the following reasons:

  1. To receive embargoed website monitoring reports: We typically send out our website monitoring reports under a 48-hour embargo to our pool of journalists, before public release. In this time, journalists often reach out to contacts at federal agencies or offices, as well as policy experts, to further investigate the website changes and to provide additional context. Here’s our Journalist Pool Policy.
  2. Exclusive collaboration: In cases when extensive investigation would yield more impactful reporting, we’re excited to work with partner journalists exclusively. Let us know if you’d be interested in collaborating with us on changes relating to any particular set of topics.
  3. Corroboration and website change analysis: Have you identified or reported on a significant instance of Web content alteration or removal? Are you unsure whether a website change is important? We’d be happy to attempt to verify the finding or investigate for you!