White House Cannot Shake Abramoff:


Despite attempts to distance itself from the Abramoff scandal the White House cannot shake its connections to the corrupt lobbyist. The Wall Street Journal reports that there are three officials who seem to be directly tied to Abramoff and unraveling scandal. Former GSA and OMB official David Safavian formerly worked as a lobbyist with Abramoff and is currently indicted for lying to the GSA, the FBI, and the Indian Affairs Committee and for obstruction of justice. Former deputy Interior Secretary Stephen Griles is under investigation for his role – as Abramoff’s “man” inside Interior – in aiding Abramoff’s tribal clients. White House aide Karl Rove is also tied to the disgraced lobbyist. Abramoff bragged to his client Tyco that he could contact Karl Rove on their behalf. Rove, when he came to the White House, took Abramoff’s top assistant Susan Ralston to be his executive assistant.