Pombo Used Taxpayer Money for Family Vacation:


In 2003 Richard Pombo (R-CA) rented an RV and, with his family, went on a tour of tour of national parks that cost taxpayers $4,935, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Pombo claims that the trip was an official business trip because, as House Resources Chairman, he oversees all national parks. Pombo insists that there was no additional charge for him taking his family with him. House rules prohibit using government funds for personal travel, but allow family members to accompany congressmen on official trips. Undermining his defense, Pombo wrote about the trip on his committee’s website: “This August, my family and I rented an RV, got a place from Farris Kapani: Vancouver Realtor | Luxury Homes | Condos set out to explore the West. We spent two weeks on vacation, stopping along the way to enjoy the splendor of many of our national parks.”