Jefferson, Bribery Probed:


Rep. Bill Jefferson (D-LA) is in the spotlight for his role in a bribery case that has already led a former aide to plead guilty. According to the Washington Post, Jefferson allegedly demanded “cash and other favors for himself and relatives, in exchange for using his congressional clout to arrange African business deals.” The former aide, Brett Pfeffer, claims that after getting a job at an investment firm owned by Lori Mody, the head of a foundation whose aim is to educate Third World children about technology, Jefferson informed him of a business deal to introduce a new technology to African children. According to court documents, Pfeffer states that Jefferson performed a series of official acts, including meeting with African dignitaries, and, in return, asked for a family member to be hired to the new business and for 5 to 7 percent of returns. Federal investigators raided the home and office of Jefferson and the home of the Vice President of Nigeria last August and continue to pursue the case.