An Honest Look at a Senator’s Family Budget:


An investigative report into Pennsylvania Republican Senator Rick Santorum’s finances reveals that he has received a home loan from a campaign contributor and used money from his political action committee in a variety of questionable ways. According to the report, published in full in the American Prospect and partially in the Philadelphia Daily News, Santorum received a second mortgage on his Herndon, Virginia mansion from Philadelphia Trust Company, “a new private bank catering to ‘affluent investors and institutions’”. The loan to Santorum is questionable because the bank’s policy is to only offer loans to clients with investment assets of $250,000 or more, a sum that Santorum does not come close to reporting in his annual personal financial filings. Santorum and his leadership PAC received $24,000 from Philadelphia Trust Company’s executives and directors. The use of funds by Santorum’s leadership PAC is also a source of intrigue. The PACs filings show numerous charges at grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and coffee shops – out of the ordinary charges for a PAC that is intended to donate money to other Republican’s campaigns.