Blogging Corruption:


Kentucky’s Bluegrass Report announces that they have filed a judicial ethics complaint after the embattled Gov. Ernie Fletcher appointed two campaign contributors as Special Justices to state Supreme Court to hear one case: an appeal by Gov. Fletcher over an investigation into his violation of the state Merit System. … RedHedd at FireDogLake looks at the Mitchell Wade plea agreement and asks who else is “straddling the corruption stallion?” … Hotline On Call says that the two representatives named in the Wade agreement are Virgil Goode (R-VA) and Katharine Harris (R-FL). On Call takes a look at the contributions made by Wade to Goode, Harris, and other members of Congress. … Earmarks limit the flexibility of government agencies to appropriate money towards the best programs, according to Sandy Baruah, the Commerce Department’s assistant secretary for economic development and the head of the Economic Development Administration, says, “The more that we are constrained by specific report language or legislative needs, the more difficult it is for us to address the sudden and severe and ongoing needs across the country.”

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