In Other News:


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a lobbyist hired by Gov. Sonny Perdue is taking heat for his ties to Jack Abramoff. … Lobbying reform, passed last year by the Florida Legislature, is already having an effect, and lawmakers are unhappy. The Miami Herald reports that lawmakers must now shell out $28 to go a big annual party thrown by the biggest lobbying group in Florida. Some lawmakers are challenging the legislation in court claiming that it bans lobbyists from making campaign contributions, a violation of the First Amendment. … New York legislator and union leader Brian McLaughlin’s offices were raided last Thursday as “part of a joint city and federal probe into an alleged bid-rigging scam,” according to the Village Voice. … REVOLVING DOOR ALERT: Bob Brooks, the chief of staff to Rep. Jim McCrery (R-FL), who is in line to be the next Ways of Means Chairman, will soon be lobbying on issues that come before his boss’ committee. Roll Call reports that Brooks has left Capitol Hill to work as a lobbyist at the Alpine Group where he will work on tax and financial services legislation. … According to the Washington Post, Maryland legislative leaders are calling for an investigation into government  officials’ ties to Comcast. …  The Hill reports that Democrats are indecisive in how they should treat their K Street affiliates. Should they court them? Should they avoid them? Should they avoid them before they court them? … Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) is being targeted by the Dem affiliated Senate Majority Project for his son’s work as a lobbyist, according to U.S. News and World Report.