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According to the Alaska Daily News, Gov. Frank Murkowski (R-AK) used the new state jet to rack up 44 hours of travel time and $73,500 in costs in the jet’s first three months of operations. Some of his destinations include Las Vegas, Dallas, and Seattle. The only people to spend more money and time on the jet: prisoners being ferried to leased jail space in Arizona. … Roll Call’s K Street Files: ex-Rep. and current lobbyist for PhRMA Billy Tauzin is trying to defend himself from becoming the poster child of the revolving door between Capitol Hill and K Street. Speaking of that revolving door, it just keeps on spinning as Sen. Craig Thomas (R-WY) and the Commerce Department see employees leave for jobs on K Street. … The Christian Science Monitor covers Gale Norton’s resignation at the Interior Department and discusses the pressure from pro-industry groups for Bush to nominate another Interior Secretary with close industry ties. The article also ponders whether Norton’s resignation was related to Jack Abramoff’s ties to Interior and a group founded by Norton. … The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that it’s good business for the nearly one-third of leaseholders in San Diego to hire lobbyists to target City Hall. But for lawmakers and lobbyists, “it can be a bonanza.” … It’s not only big business and special interest groups that lobby the government, foreign governments do it too. And it just so happens, according to the Telegraph, that Pakistan lobbied the 9/11 Commission to drop “anti-Pakistan references” from the commission report. The lobbying allegedly included bribing some commission members to go easy on Pakistan. These allegations first appeared in the Pakistani magazine The Friday Times.

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