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Paul Kiel at TPM Muckraker reports that John McCain recently hired a man connected to both Tom DeLay’s money laundering case and the New Hampshire phone-jamming case to run his political action committee, Straight Talk Express PAC. … Daily Kos’ Markos reports that Joe Lieberman likes to fly on private jets. … The Common Cause blog reports on New York state campaign finance laws and how they are out-of-whack: “The fact that an individual is allowed to give more money to a candidate for New York State office than to a presidential contender should tell New Yorkers that our campaign finance laws need to be fixed.” … Captain Ed at Captain’s Quarters continues to hit on the “fundraising” John Doolittle’s (R-CA) wife did for him: “We don’t elect legislators so that they can get rich by pulling 15% off the top of all their campaign contributions. For a position that pays around $160,000 a year plus travel and per diem, the salary should be enough; it’s three or four times what an average family makes in the US.”

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