In Other News:


Just as the IRS has issued warnings to churches that it will crack down on political activities by tax-exempt religious institutions, “coalition of nonprofit conservative groups is holding training sessions to enlist Pennsylvania pastors in turning out voters for the November elections,” according to the New York Times. … The Associated Press reports that the House Government Reform Committee will hold hearings on waste and abuse by contractors involved in cleaning up and rebuilding the Hurricane Katrina ravaged Gulf Coast. … Campaign finance reformer Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been drawing fire for his appearance at a fundraiser for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) where $100,000 could get you a picture with the governor, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. McCain had called California’s previous governor Democrat Gray Davis’ fundraising “disgraceful”. … A pipeline deal in Georgia that “short-circuit[s] normal [Public Service Commission] oversight” is being decried because the pipeline company spent $6,100 on lawmakers and one utility regulator and took lawmakers on a trip to Trinidad and Tobago, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. … The Tampa Tribune reports that MZM, the defense contractor headed by the convicted Cunningham briber Mitchell Wade, received tax breaks supported by Gov. Jeb Bush as they attempted to expand into Tampa.

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