Trim Tab Factor


On Tuesday night, Mike Klein and I (along with our consultants Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej of the Personal Democracy Forum) had the incredible opportunity to brainstorm with some of the best and the brightest from the New York tech community about the Sunlight Foundation’s initial plans. The group, which dubs itself "The Trim Tab Conspiracy," is a collaborative conversation that happens regularly to explore, debate, and improvise on the latest uses of technology. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a meeting where the creative ideas flowed as fast, where the collaboration was so genuine, or where the energy level was so high.

They’re right to name their group after the “trim tab” concept. The world in which these fellow co-conspirators operate has already proven itself as the leverage that is turning the ship of state. Think of the millions, if not tens of millions of people who are now more engaged in advocacy and accountability work because of the ease of access that the Internet offers. Now sit back and imagine that the Internet is still effectively in its infancy. Wow! I wonder if your head spins, as mine does, with all the possibilities!

Lots of good ideas generated. Expect to see them on this site in the future.