FBI Investigating Missouri Lobbying:


Jack Abramoff and his fedora laid bare corrupt elements in Washington lobbying. It seems the feds took note and are investigating corrupt lobbying practices at the state level. First case, Missouri:

FBI agents are looking into lobbying practices in the Missouri Capitol, The Kansas City Star has learned. … Jack Cardetti, a spokesman for the Missouri Democratic Party, … said he was told investigators were asking about companies and associations being steered to hire certain lobbyists if their wishes were to be met — or at least heard.

Others said, however, it would be logical to hire Republican lobbyists who would likely have more access to contacts in the governor’s office or the legislative leadership. One official who recently traded for a new lobbyist agreed that his move was just to have Republican representation in a Republican world.

Looks like the feds are looking into a Missouri “K Street Project”. Oops… I better not say that or Grover Norquist will sue me.