More News:

  • According to Florida Today, Florida Congressman Dave Weldon (R) said that "he had no idea that Edwin Buckham" had a stake in Map Roi when he wrote a $1.55 million earmark to Florida Tech, of which $500,000 went to Map Roi. The original Los Angeles Times story quoted a university newletter that  pronounced, "U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon was instrumental in bringing Map Roi to Florida Tech."
  • The Washington Post reports on a taxpayer funded junket that Senators Arlen Spector (R-PA) and Jeff Sessions (R-AL) are on right now to visit "the actual birthplace of the matzoh ball." Okay, they’re also talking about drug interdiction, guest worker plans, and global warming but it’s Passover so I had to go with the matzoh ball angle.
  • The West Viringia media has been picking up the Mollohan story. Here’s a story from the West Virginia State Journal.