Do your research:


If you’re going to accuse a politician of improperly spending money or you are questioning disparities in their statements you should really think about what you are talking about before you shoot your mouth off. You might get embarrassed:

When Jim Barnett tried to raise eyebrows about a Bernie Sanders television ad buy last week, Sanders’ campaign had a ready response.

A Sanders spokesman said the campaign had spent about $30,000 on the ad buy. Records at South Burlington TV station WCAX showed him spending only $13,668, said Barnett, the chairman of the Vermont Republican Party.

“Right now, there is a $16,000 gap in the facts,” said Barnett. “U.S. Rep. Sanders needs to explain where the rest of this money was spent.”

That’s easy, said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager. “There’s more than one broadcast station,” he said.

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