(Glass) House Government Reform Committee?


I haven’t read it all yet, but this looks like a promising reform…for executive branch officials. I won’t complain–there needs to be a lot more transparency in procurement–but I can’t help noting that, if all these provisions are needed to prevent unethical behavior in the executive branch, wouldn’t they also do the same for members of Congress and their staffs?

H.R. 5112, “The Executive Branch Reform Act of 2006,” would:

· require increased disclosure by executive branch officials of any significant contacts between the official and private parties relating to official government action, and require the Office of Government Ethics to maintain a publicly accessible database of this information;

· require high-ranking executive branch officials to get a waiver before interacting with an organization with whom the official is pursuing prospective employment;

· extend to two years the current one-year restriction against former procurement officials accepting compensation from federal contractors with whom they worked as a federal employee…

Just asking!