Burns’ Massive Earmark; Coburn’s Amendment:


According to Knight Ridder Newspapers, Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) inserted one of the largest earmarks into the controversial emergency spending legislation for Katrina and Iraq. Burns’ earmark totals $3.9 billion and is meant “to help farmers hurt by any natural disaster, not just last year’s hurricanes. The money includes aid to offset the high costs of oil, making agriculture one of the few industries to get energy-related assistance.” Meanwhile Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) amendment to kill the railroad relocation in Mississippi, derisively labeled the “railroad to nowhere”, failed in a 49-48 vote. Some those voting to keep the $700 million railroad relocation earmark in the spending bill “were several of the 35 senators who had pledged earlier in the day to back Bush’s veto if he cast it.”

UPDATE: NZ Bear at Porkbusters has a roll call of those voting against Coburn’s amendment.