Day 2


Sunlight’s public unveiling yesterday went fabulously. Not only did we get great stories throughout the blogging world and in the Washington Post and Roll Call (subscription required) but we have had several hundred people already register on this site. This morning, I made an appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal and got a terrific reception, particuarly from places in between the coasts. And we have lots of folks already getting involved in the Congresspedia, and with our assignment desk, and making comments on our blogs. We are thrilled to have you!

All this tells me that the report this morning in the Washington Post that members of Congress heard little from their constituents back home about the lobbying and ethics scandals just doesn’t ring true. Our own poll tells a different story. Voters nationwide believe that too little has been done to reform lobbying and ethics rules. Solid majorities support reform proposals for increased transparency. And we even learned that voters – particularly swing voters – are more likely to vote for candidates who support reform proposals.

I’ll try to get back online later today, because I will be out of town for a few days and unable to post, but let me leave you with this thought: Our goal is nothing less than trying to reengage citizens by giving you tools you can use to shine a collective light on a system in need of change.

What I said at the press conference about believing in the collective wisdom of the people is true. Give us your thoughts. We’ll listen.

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