Ethics Reform Debate:


I just finished watching the debate on the lobbying and ethics reform bill in the House. Both Joel Hefley (R-CO) and Chris Shays (R-CT) stated their opposition to it, claiming that the bill does not go far enough and voiced their displeasure to a rule instituted by David Dreier (R-CA) that kept certain amendments from being debated on the floor. Hefley stated that he was “not happy with this rule” and that the House was “missing an opportunity”. Shays bemoaned his party’s failure declaring that they are “losing our moral authority to lead this place.” Conservative Mike Pence voiced his support for the bill while attacking government spending as equally troubling problem. I enjoyed his analogy about earmarking, “You can’t complain about the sharks when you are holding the bucket of chum.” Henry Waxman (D-CA) stated that “Washington is mired in corruption.” Vote happening now. 10 minute vote on rule changes.

UPDATE: Rules changes win 216-207. I believe that 15 Republicans broke ranks to vote “nay” (my computer video is all blurry). It was actually 12 Republicans – stupid blurry C-Span.