I was asked in the comments of a couple of posts regarding the oil and gas industry to provide names of those who received money from the industry. There is a place where you can go to find out that information rather easily: Here is their list of top recipients of oil and gas industry money for the current 2006 election cycle:

  1. Hutchison, Kay Bailey (R-TX) $140,911
  2. DeLay, Tom (R-TX) $112,490
  3. Santorum, Rick (R-PA) $110,050
  4. Barton, Joe (R-TX) $109,450
  5. Burns, Conrad (R-MT) $101,575
  6. Allen, George (R-VA) $92,500
  7. Hastert, Dennis (R-IL) $92,000
  8. Cornyn, John (R-TX) $86,000
  9. Pombo, Richard (R-CA) $66,200
  10. Bode, Denise (R-OK) $63,700 (not currently in the House)
  11. Talent, James (R-MO) $63,150
  12. Sullivan, John (R-OK) $62,500
  13. Kyl, Jon (R-AZ) $60,850
  14. Cole, Tom (R-OK) $52,796
  15. Sessions, Pete (R-TX) $50,300
  16. Thomas, Craig (R-WY) $49,000
  17. Inhofe, James (R-OK) $48,200
  18. Pearce, Steve (R-NM) $44,700
  19. Tiahrt, Todd (R-KS) $43,650
  20. Thomas, Bill (R-CA) $41,500

As you can see there is quite a trend here. So far this election cycle 84% of all oil and gas contributions have gone to Republicans. To be fair the Democrat who has received the most oil and gas money during the current cycle is Rep. Dan Boren (D-OK) with $40,700.

If you want to learn more about Open Secrets and how to use it my colleague Larry Makinson has made a couple of online tutorials that show the viewer how to search for information on this great research resource.