Full Abramoff Records Will NOT Be Released:


On Monday a judge ordered the White House to turn over all Secret Service logs showing Jack Abramoff’s visits to the watchdog group Judicial Watch, who had filed suit to obtain the records. Now we learn that the White House does not plan on releasing all of Abramoff’s logged visits:

The White House said Tuesday the list the Secret Service has been ordered to release concerning convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s contacts with the Bush administration will be incomplete.

But spokesman Scott McClellan declined to say what is wrong with the Secret Service list, why it is inaccurate and whether it includes far fewer meetings than took place.

“I don’t know exactly what they’ll be providing, but they only have certain records and so I just wouldn’t view it as a complete historical record,” McClellan said.

So, did Abramoff enter the White House without having to go through the Secret Service screening and signing in? There should be no reason that all of Abramoff’s visits would not be recorded. Unless of course Abramoff was visiting for reasons that the White House does not want the public to find out about. The White House should release a COMPLETE version of the logs to disspell any notion of a cover-up. Do they really want the public to speculate as to why they aren’t telling the truth about Abramoff’s White House visits? For all we know the reason that Abramoff’s visits aren’t logged is because he was smuggled in by Jeff Gannon.