Congressional boozefests


I don’t know about you, but nothing says “responsible public policy forum” to me quite as strongly as politicians, PACs, lobbyists and hard alcohol. And that’s what’s on offer today on D Street–according to the flier emailed to Washington’s lobbying firms and PACs (here’s a small JPEG, just to give you the flavor)…

Congress fundraiser flyer

Those are five of the many Washington, D.C., fundraisers taking place today (BONUS: We post yesterday’s fundraisers today too!)

First, from Thursday:

D Street Block Party! , (Margarita Tasting) $1,000 contribution. (Scotch tasting) $1,000 contributon. (Martini Tasting) $1,000 contribution. (Coffee and Desserts), $1,000 contribution. (Wine Tasting) $1,000. The flier has a nice note: “These are independent events and require separate contributions and RSVPs.”

Please join us for breakfast with , Member of Member [sic] Appropriations Committee; Defense Subcommittee, Vice Chair; Energy & Water Development Subcommittee. The Capitol Hill Club. Suggested contributions: $1,000 per PAC, $500 personal.

Please join at Tortilla Coast for a Fundraising Reception. Suggested Sponsor Level: $2,000 PAC, $1,000 Individual.

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association invites you to a lunch honoring (KY-06) House Agriculture, International Relations, Transportation and Infrastructure Committees. Where: NRECA’s Capitol Hill Office (above Trover Books). A contribution of $1,000 is required.

CA-12, Breakfast, National Democratic Club, Contribution: $5,000 Chair, $2,500 Host, $1,000 Guest.

and, the ones I didn’t get around to posting on Wednesday…

You are invited to join Member: House Financial Services Committee, House Committee on Small Business, for a pre-game cocktail reception at The Billy Goat Tavern before the broadcast of the game from Wrigley Field between the Washington Nationals and the Chicago Cubs. (No suggested contribution listed).

PETE PAC (People for Enterprise, Trade and Economic Growth), Honorary Chairman , House Rules Committee & , House Financial Services Committee, invite you to a luncheon honoring Republican Candidate, Calif. 50. NRCC Main Conference Room. $2,500 PAC Host/$1,000 Individual Host/$1,000 PAC attendee/$500 Individual attendee. Note the anomaly, but also note that to get special interests interested in a challenger, incumbents appear with him. Not the first time I’ve seen this — there are some similar events coming up. I’ll highlight those as we hit them…

Blake Ashbee, Chris Giblin, Drew Maloney and Lem Smith cordially invite you to a fundraising dinner in honor of (Ok-1) Member, Energy and Commerce Committee. Rasika Restuarant, $1,000 PAC or $500 personal.

Please join Jim Link for a fundraising breakfast in support of Member, Ways and Means Committee. Bistro Bis in the Hotel George. $500 per Individual or $1,000 per PAC.

Please join Jim Link for a fundraising breakfast in support of Chairman, Veteran’s Affairs Committee; Member, Energy and Commerce Committee. Bistro Bis in the Hotel George. $500 per Individual or $1,000 per PAC.

Please join special guest for a reception benefiting the campaign of (WA-08), Capitol Hill Club, $1,000 per PAC or $500 per individual.

Craving a conred beef? A passion for pastrami? Just one more week and you can titillate your taste buds at DC’s best event… Who: What: Real, Real Imported from NY Annual Deli Fundraiser When: May 17 Where: 101 Constitution Ave. NW Why: Everyone loves Kosher NY Deli (No suggested contribution level)