How to Stop Marxism East of the Potomac:


How do you stop the advance of Marxism east of the Potomac?

Why you elect new Virginia resident Tom DeLay (R-TX) to the City Council of Alexandria. From Raw Story:

An email sent to residents of Northern Virginia’s city of Alexandria encouraged residents to write in US House Rep. Tom Delay for the City Council, today’s edition of ROLL CALL reports. Delay has announced that he is relocating to the Washington, DC suburb after he leaves Congress on June 9.

The email says the following:

“EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE on May 2nd in Alexandria’s local election.

“More importantly, send a message to the socialists on the City Council and EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO WRITE IN A CANDIDATE’S NAME.

“He was also able to defeat Marxism in Eastern Europe; perhaps he can help us defeat Marxism west of the Potomac in Alexandria. Let’s drop the ‘Hammer’ on Alexandria’s Politburo!

“Please, write in the name of new Alexandria, VA resident, and former House Majority Leader TOM DELAY!!! Tom DeLay for City Council!”

Did I miss it when International ANSWER took over Alexandria? Is Virginia Governor Tim Kaine a Soviet plant sent from the past via a time machine?