How’s Ney Holding Up?


Not so good. Looks like [sw: Bob Ney] (R-OH) isn’t holding up so great under the pressure of the media focus due to his ties to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Ney verbally attacks a reporter for pursuing the story and says that the reporter doesn’t care about the people of Ohio (is Ney running against this reporter in November or something?). Justin Rood asks Ney a few questions on whether Ney’s actions were helping the people of Ohio: “how does Ney think the people of Ohio benefited from him inserting glowing testimony into the Congressional Record about the shady Abramoff-linked gambling outfit, SunCruz Casinos? How did he think they would benefit from relaxing sanctions against Iran, which he pushed former Secretary of State Colin Powell to do at the behest of a convicted felon? And how did Ohioans benefit from his efforts to force the reopening of an indian tribal casino in Texas after the tribe — an Abramoff client, natch — gave him $32,000?” We can expect the answer to come in a shrill, uncapitalized email sent from the congressman’s Blackberry. Or not.