Details in Lewis Case Becoming Clearer:


TPM Muckraker is all over the latest, and future, developments in the [sw: Jerry Lewis] (R-Calif.) investigation. Justin Rood reports that the clients of the lobbying firm in the middle of the scandal, Copeland Lowery, continued to donate to Lewis’ campaign committee  and PAC "just days after news surfaced of a federal investigation into" Lewis’ connection to the firm. All of the contributing clients happen to be defense contractors, likely seeking an earmark or two. Rood asks if any of these contractors may be the next recipient of a subpoena in this widening investigation. (Read More…)

Yesterday Rood noted the direction this case may go after it was reported that Lowery’s firm misstated 70 or so lobbying disclosure forms.

If the Feds think they can show [Lowery] signed those reports knowing they were wrong, they’ll likely press for indictments against him. Given how frequently he signed these incorrect reports — and did so repeatedly with the same clients, for such outlandish sums of money — it’s hard to think Justice could resist.

Lowery signed the three disclosures which failed to report nearly $300,000 from Brent Wilkes’ ADCS, affirming that ADCS paid less than a tenth that amount.

As Josh Marshall says, "Copeland Lowery’s problems are Jerry Lewis’ problems. And Copeland Lowery has a lot of problems."