An Introduction: Carl Anderson


How lucky can we get? We’ve had another amazing person join the Sunlight team, specifically working on the Sunlight Labs effort and I want to introduce him to you.

Carl Anderson has been involved in things I can barely grasp — agent-based modeling and complex systems. (This, of course, means he has the qualifications to understand Congress.)  He’s the author of more than 35 scientific journal papers and an interdisciplinary scientist. He has worked in biology (Duke; Regensburg, Germany; Aarhus, Denmark), mathematics (Sheffield, UK), and industrial and system engineering (Georgia Tech) university departments.

More recently, he has admitted to being a geek and has become more heavily involved in software development, especially dynamic web applications using new approaches such as AJAX. That’s when we snagged him. Already he’s been doing some work that has knocked our socks off — finding very simple ways to present very complex information that actually makes digesting information easy, and well, just plain fun.

Hold onto your hats! And keep an eye on Sunlight Labs.