More Polling In The Works


We are so pleased with the results and process of our first online polling that we are now thinking about our next steps. We’d love to dig a little deeper and ask a series of questions about specific ways to make members of Congress and their business more transparent.

We might ask some of the questions that we asked in our launch poll, like requiring disclosure of all money raised for a campaign by registered lobbyists (this idea has been picked up by Public Campaign Action Fund and Common Cause in their  recentlly launched national pledge campaign), requiring specific disclosure of earmarks, or requiring lawmakers to file reports on legislation they have introduced that would benefit a campaign contributor.

But before we make any decisions, we’d like some ideas from the online community who posted our most recent poll. Tell us what you think about how Congress canbe more open about their business —  our business. We’ll work your ideas into the next series of questions we ask.

We see this polling effort as an ongoing effort and we need your ideas to make it work.