Let‘s Play Hide the Subpoena


It’s August here in Washington — although if it weren’t for the classical architecture and the lobbyists wearing reflective sunglasses you’d think it was Pakistan from the temperature — and members of Congress are fleeing the city, running back to their districts to do anything that will help their reelection chances with an electorate that’s looking for head’s to roll (or as President Bush might call it, to have their “accountability moment”). Some candidates may have an easier time than others. For instance, Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) is running uncontested allowing him to go on The Colbert Report and proclaim that he enjoys cocaine because it’s a fun thing to do. On the other hand we have another Floridian, Rep. Katherine Harris (R) who is running to unseat Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.).

Harris has run into numerous problems throughout her campaign including losing three campaign managers, locking her campaign staff out of the office, and “flagrantly violating election law in Florida”. But what has struck the biggest blow to her chances has been the revelation that she took tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions from crooked defense contractor Mitchell Wade while dining at the super-posh Citronelle in Georgetown. Harris has denied being under investigation and has claimed that never received a subpoena.

Now her third former campaign manager Glenn Hodas claims that she not only was issued a subpoena, but she lied to her staff about it. Hodas told the Tampa Tribune, “Finding out about the subpoena caused me to wonder about what was going on and what else I didn’t know. But I don’t want to comment any further on what appears to be a pending investigation.” Ouch. Does this mean she qualifies for the Congresspedia “Members Under Investigation” page?

Harris continues to trail Bill Nelson in the polls. The most recent Mason-Dixon poll has Nelson trouncing Harris 57 to 29. Plus she was recently told by her own party that she cannot win. Now that gives a whole new definition to being in a “K-hole.” Well, it’s off to Florida for Harris to try to get out of that hole and for Wexler to… well, do some fun things.