What if Politics was like NASCAR?


Here’s a fun way to make Congress more transparent from GOOD Magazine: Have politicians wear their top campaign contributor’s logos on their suits just like NASCAR drivers do with their sponsors. This seems like a nice way to let constituents know who’s sponsoring the candidacy of their Senator or congressman. Earlier today Larry wrote about the candidates for the open Senate seat in Maryland, all of whom are running as "outisders" despite taking thousands of dollars from lobbyists and corporate and politician PACs. I’d love to see that Michael Steele ad (the one where he doesn’t mention what party he’s in and says he’ll tell the voters what’s wrong with both parties) with him dressed in his politician NASCAR suit emblazoned with the names of top Republican political action committees. GOOD features an illustration by Serifcan Ozcan of Senators Rick Santorum and Hillary Clinton in their NASCAR suits:

I’ve never seen politicians look so honest.