Well, we certainly feel some momentum from our experiment in collaborative research over the weekend, and we’re bracing for the huge burst of interest that’s been expressed in the databases that are being released tomorrow by our grantees OMB Watch and Center for Responsive Politics. More than 225 attendees have signed up to join the press conference either in person or on the web. (Here’s the sign up information, join us if you can. (Go to at 9:30 am tomorrow morning.) 

And speaking of momentum, I want to mention that Allison Fine’s really terrific book: Momentum: Igniting Social Change in the Connected Age, is now available. I think it’s a must read for all activists, not to mention the foundations who fund activism at the state, local or national level. (In fact, Sunlight has purchased a couple hundred copies of the book and sent them widely to heads of as many foundations located throughout the country.). Allison also published a really terrific op ed today in the San Jose Mercury News in which she concludes:

The Connected Age moves the power that institutions used to have, for informing, organizing, mobilizing and fundraising millions of people into the hands of individuals. Institutions don’t change systems, particularly those that elected officials are very invested in keeping as is. We, the people, do that. We have the power to do so today like never before. All we need now is the political will.