Needed: Citizen Journalists for Election Day!


Our Advisory Board member, Craig Newmark just told me that BBC Radio is looking for five citizen journalists to help tell the election night story from around the country. Here’s an incredible opportunity!

BBC Radio Five Live’s  late night international news programme Up All Night would like your help telling the story of the US midterm elections. We’ll be visiting Connecticut and Pennsylvania and on election night Washington DC – but we can’t be everywhere and there many other fascinating races we’d like to cover. So we’d like your help in reporting the election.

Polls and the results on the night of the race will only give us half the story. We’d like to know what it looks like from the ground. If you’d like to be a Five Live "Citizen Reporter" during the election read the information on our blog and if you are still interested drop a note to telling us a bit about yourself.

Our hope is that by enlisting your help we’ll have coverage that isn’t just about pundits and experts but gives us a real flavour of what the race is like for ordinary Americans that cuts through some of the stereotypes about politics in the US.

So cool. If they needed someone in Washington I think I’d apply myself!