Digging Deep into Weldon


Mrs. Panstreppon, the nom de blog of one of the deepest diggers among citizen journalists, once again demonstrates how much can be done with a little curiosity, a little perserverance and a modem. This time she traces some of the intricacies surrounding the ongoing investigation of Rep. Curt Weldon, one of the inbumbents who won’t be returning to office in 2007.

Mrs. Panstreppon dug out information from Weldon’s personal financial disclosure, from non-profit tax returns, corporate records of businesses, real estate records and other sources to trace the connections between Weldon, his daughter and the various entities that employed her as a lobbyist.

There’s a lot to read–Mrs. Panstreppon and a friendly commenter, Citizen92, put the players under a microscope. They go so far as to track down records of a condo at the Jersey shore and the floor plan and tenants of a “preferred office club” that Weldon’s daughter uses (basically, a mail drop and shared receptionist that makes small businesses seem a little larger).

The number of leads they turn up and follow is astonishing–just start reading, and see what I mean…