Looking for a Democrat Lobbyist in all the Wrong Places?


fundariser flyer

The above document, touting the merits of one Stacey Tallitsch, who lost his bid to represent Louisiana’s 1st congressional district, is making the rounds of D.C. lobbying shops today:

Looking for a Democrat Lobbyist?

My name is Stacey Tallitsch, a candidate for Congress from the ’06 election cycle.

If you’re interested in finding someone who can work easily and is well known among the new majority, I’d be interested in helping out.

I’ve spent a great deal of time and effort caucusing with Democrats from around the country and signing them up as “signatories” to my book, “The New American Compact: Restoring the People’s House to America,” while a refugee from Katrina.

In fact, Nancy Pelosi’s 100 hour agenda looks eerily familiar to my ten point plan.

I plan to run again in ’08 and having a future congressman in your corner could be a serious asset and worth the investment.