Open Congress Notes from Roots Camp


This weekend, a few hundred democratic activists came together in DC for Rootscamp, a wiki-organized event to discuss the past and future of progressive online organizing. Congressional transparency was discussed extensively, as reported by Joshua Levy:

At a session called “Opening Up the Congress and Web 2.0,” Matt Stoller led a discussion about ways to make the Senate and House more accountable and transparent using new technologies. The goal was to develop a set of recommendations for what congress should do to be more open and accountable using Web 2.0 tools. Many of the ideas discussed were similar to the goals of the Sunlight Foundation.

Karina Newton, Online Editor-in-Chief for Nancy Pelosi, described how current rules restricting House and Senate members from posting information online were essentially archaic, developed in a pre-Internet world. One goal, then, is to rewrite these rules and restrictions for the Internet age and beyond.

We are close to sharing our specific Agenda — in particular, what we’d like to push for in the first 100 hours — and continue to enjoy feedback.

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