Sunlight Foundation/Berkman Center Conference on Political Information


On January 15th, the Sunlight Foundation and the Berkman Institute will be sponsoring a day long working session titled “Local Political Information in an Internet Era.” The meeting will be hosted by the Berkman Institute in Cambridge, MA on the Harvard Law School Campus.

We are interested in how the Internet — through blogs and other tools — can bring citizens more or better information about their elected officials. We have invited 10 bloggers who are focused on their own states’ federal and local elected officials, and about the same number of people who are working on tools that these local bloggers can use — tools like Congresspedia and Metavid (for getting video of Members of Congress).

Our goal is to connect the people working in the trenches with people working in other trenches and with new tools, so that everyone can do a better job sharing important political information with citizens.

Its in a smallish room, but we still have about 10 spaces for people who would like to participate. If you are interested, please email Nisha Thompson ( and tell her (1) who you are (2) what site/blog/project/news agency you are involved with (if any) and (3) your interest in the working meeting. We will let you in on a first come, first serve basis, but we are only looking for active participants, who come with ideas, questions, or information. In particular, if you run a blog focused on local political information, we really hope you come!

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