What Senator Tester Did Today: This is What Real Openness Looks Like


Freshman Senator Jon Tester of Montana has committed to sharing his schedule, and even though his website isn't up yet, he is already sharing it in a public place in his office. Here it is — exactly the kind of information the public wants to know. This is what real openness looks like:

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January 10th 7 AM Gym

8:15-9 AM Constituents Breakfasts with Senator Baucus's Office

9:45-11:45 Hearing: Energy Committee

11:00 Message/scheduling meeting

11:30 John Prinkey and Harold Blattie with MaCo

12:30 Meeting Stephen Hadley

2 PM Meeting Bridget and Stephanie re: consponsoring bills

3:15-3:45 American Association for Justice 7th Annual Leaders forum Legislative Day.

4 PM Tom McCOy, MSU VP for Research, and Dr. Dave Dooley, MSU Provost

4:30 Chris Ross, Mike Roche and Mark Boback of Anhauser Busch — Meet and Greet

5 PM — JT, Sharia, Stephanie and Gina

6:30-9 PM Dinner Honoring the 110th Congress

Tester's Chief of Staff, Stephanie Schriock, has insisted that the staff stick to Tester's promise as best they can before the web site is up. As much as this proves how easy it is — just put on the wall — it is also very impressive. Its shows a completely open attitude towards the public. It should be lauded, and imitated — this is what changing the culture of Congress means.

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