The Day Sunlight Went Dark


All morning the Sunlight Foundation was beseiged with internet connectivity problems. During this time the staff figured out that without the internet half of the Sunlight staff and consultants would be jobless and the other half would be confined to the library, meeting with shady figures in backrooms of Congress gathering information or held hostage to the phone.

According to Nisha's calculations:

Jobless: Elliot, Greg, Kerry, Carl, Micah, Andrew, Conor, Garrett

Phone Bound: Ellen, Zephyr, Nisha, Eric

Library Bound: Paul

Stalking the Halls of Congress and dusty three-ring binders: Bill, Larry

But on further thought, we realized that in fact there would be no Sunlight Foundation at all. It's the internet that makes it possible to make Congress more easily transparent.

Now that we are again connected and continuing our work we'd like to take the time to thank all of you who claimed to have invented the internets. Onward.