SOTU and the Web


It was interesting to see how various bloggers and organizations used the Web last night to engage their networks around the President's State of the Union Speech, beyond their usual blogging. Here are few that showed up on my radar screen — some of them more Web 2.0 in their approach than others. I must have missed a lot because this list isn't very large nor, frankly, for the most part, very innovative.

Josh Marshall's effort — calling for video responses to the SOTU — was the most interesting effort that I saw. Pretty innovative and he got some very fun responses.

Campaign for America's Future created a State of the Union Score Card, using past Bush speeches that compared his past statements about the state of the union to reality. CAF also asked their activists to write a letter to the editor of their local newspaper refuting the points that Bush makes using their research.

The Center for Responsive Politics provided some reports to help readers digest the interested money behind some of Bush proposals, along with a money and vote analysis on Congress' vote last week to raise taxes on the oil and gas industry, (Highlight: those who voted against taxing oil and gas companies typically received about five times more in campaign contributions from the industry than those who voted for the bill.)

The bloggers at Center for American Progress's Think Progress blog were responding in real time to the president's speech and their radio station MicCheckRadio, was live from their own radio studio.

Drinking Liberally — an informal progressive social group with chapters all around the country — was promoting their State of the Union Bingo Game. That certainly looked like a lot of fun though it wasn't very techie. Turns out this was a pretty popular approach. Here's another take on it.

Let me know of good stuff you found.

Update: See Social Media's report on Plggd's SOTU Smackdown.Here you can search the speech for specific phrases and words. Pretty cool.