Are Congressional Web Sites Tools for Transparency? — 3rd Update


Roughly 143 hours after releasing our latest citizen journalism project, we’re approaching the half way mark: 265 members have been investigated by citizen journalists, 271 remain to be done. The average score has crept up over to a hair over 31 (the precise figure is 31.0471), while the average time to complete an investigation is remaining steady at seven minutes. Of the various citizen journalism projects we’ve launched, this one seems to require a little more patience and effort on the part of researchers, and I think I can safely say that I speak for all my colleagues here when I thank everyone who’s taken on part of this project. We greatly appreciate your efforts.

I should also thank Pamela Drew at Newsvine, Marty Kearns at Network Centric Advocacy, Ross Karchner at Ross Notes and Craig Newmark for their kind words and pointers to the project.