Urgent Call to Action: Senate Hearing on Electronic Filing of FEC Reports


The Senate Rules and Administration is holding a hearing on Wednesday on a bill that would require electronic filing of Senate FEC reports:


This bill is long overdue — candidates for the House already file electronically and the only reason to oppose it is that candidates don’t want members of the public to know, at the time of filing, who has donated to their campaigns.

We tried to get this into the lobbying reform bill in January and the Porkbusters coalition pushed on this late last year after the Coburn-Obama success. As we know from that effort certain elements were blocking the bill in committee. This is our chance to get the bill out of committee if we put enough pressure on the right committee members.

Call your Senator and ask if they are testifying in favor of the bill. We have heard that only Russ Feingold is testifying in favor of the bill–we need to get a list of participants.

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