Another Daily Schedule–Congressional Web Site Survey Update


Rep. Kathy Castor of Florida, a freshman, publishes a daily schedule–that brings the total number of members who do so to six. Here’s a sample from Castor’s schedule:

Wednesday, March 28

8:30 am – Event, National Democratic Club

9:30 am – Manage Rule for Wounded Warrior Assistance Act of 2007 (Click here to see the video) 

12:00 pm – Votes

2:00 pm – House Armed Services Terrorism Committee – Receive testimony on Fiscal Year 2008 National Defense Authorization Budget Request on information technology.

3:00 pm – New Members Democratic Caucus

4:00 pm – Jade Moore, Pinellas Classroom Teacher’s Association

5:00 pm – Votes

Tuesday, March 27

9:30 am – Billy House, Tampa Tribune

10:00 am – House Armed Services Air and Land Subcommittee – Hearing on the Army Ground Forces Program

1:00 pm – Steve Sarnoff, Communications Workers of America

1:30 pm – Votes

2:30 pm – Cable Television Show Taping with Rep. Vic Snyder (AZ)

3:30 pm – Committee on Rules

At some point we’re going to see if we can’t get some of these members who make additional efforts to be transparent to talk about the reasons their doing it, the reactions they get from constituents and their colleagues on the Hill.