The Paper Chase


For the past couple of hours I have been trying to get my hands on a letter that Senator McCain wrote to Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne on April 4 about requesting documents related to the Combat Search and Rescue helicopter program.

According to a Reuters report, Senator McCain has questioned an Air Force decision giving Boeing contracts worth about $15 billion under the program.

On calling the Senator’s office I was told by the press spokeswoman, Melissa Sheffield that they don’t release these letters to the press.” She added that I could get it from the Air Force. She did not explain why McCain’s office, which acknowledges sending the letter, won’t make its contents public.

Half a dozen calls to the Air Force got me nowhere; I was either put on hold or passed on from one Pentagon employee to the other. Finally, an employee with their legislative liaison office said that she could not locate the letter and they may not have received it yet if it was dated April 4.

We would love to see what McCain’s asking in the letter to the Air Force.