Air Force Logs of Correspondence


We received a response from the Air Force yesterday for the congressional correspondence logs, both for our first request, for logs in January and February, and the second, for March.

After reading the list, I emailed the Air Force and asked for copies of some of the letters and responses for some on the list. On the March list, there a bunch of letters written by members of Congress to the Secretary of the Air Force regarding the CSAR-X contract given to Boeing. (That’s the same issue that McCain wrote the Air Force about.) Although it is unclear what the letters actually say from the subject line in the logs, it’s interesting to note that these letters were written after the initial GAO report about the Boeing contract, but before Senator McCain asked for documents regarding the contract.

I’m also trying to get copies of these letters from various members‘ offices.

Update May, 11 : Here’s a copy of the letter written to the Air Force in response to comments from the Air Force Secretary.