Looking into Arch Leadership PAC


Just for fun, I thought I’d take ten minutes and see if I can track down another mystery PAC for our friends at the Center for Responsive Politics–this time the Arch Leadership PAC. FEC filings list the PAC’s address as 906 Olive St., Suite 1212, St. Louis, MO 63101. Googling it, I got a lot of links–the one that caught my eye was this campaign finance report from the Missouri Ethics Commission showing that Tom Carnahan, treasurer of a state-registered campaign committee for Robin Carnahan, lists that address. Googling Tom and Robin Carnahan, one comes across this bio of former Sen. Jean Carhahan:

The former first lady of Missouri is the author of If Walls Could Talk and Don’t Let the Fire Go Out. Her son, Russ, is a member of Congress and her daughter, Robin, is Missouri’s Secretary of State. Tom Carnahan is founder of Wind Capital Group, a wind energy company.

Talk about being in a family business! Interesting to note that in addition to his wind energy company and being treasurer of his sister’s campaign committee, Tom Carnahan was registered to lobby Missouri’s executive branch from Sept. 2001 until July 2006. Again, none of this is definitive, but Rep. Russ Carnahan would appear to be a likely leader of the Arch Leadership PAC. I’ll try to verify it Monday…