Has Your Member of Congress Taken the Earmark Transparency Pledge?


The Sunlight Foundation has joined with Americans for Prosperity, OMB Watch and Taxpayers for Common Sense to ask you to ask your members of Congress to take the following pledge:

Earmark Transparency Pledge

I, __________________________________ (Member of Congress) do hereby pledge in the spirit of transparency and reform that effective immediately I will voluntarily post on my official Congressional website a regularly updated list of every earmark and/or targeted tax benefit that I request.

I pledge to include the name and address/location of the project or entity, the amount of funding requested, the name of the committee or subcommittee to which I have submitted the request, the purpose of the earmark, and certification that neither I nor my spouse have a financial interest in the funding, as required by the earmark reforms adopted on Jan. 5, 2007.

I pledge to post this information on my official website immediately for all outstanding earmark requests, and within 72 hours of making any additional earmark requests, even if funding is not included in official legislation until the conference report stage.


______________________________ (Member of Congress)

Americans for Prosperity have set up a page to help you contact your members.

Rep. Jeff Flake has signed –only 434 more House members to go…