Investigating Earmarks


Americans for Prosperity are already digging into the lists of earmarks that the House has released so far — here they note that Rep. Jerry Lewis requested $500,000 to refurbish a Washington, D.C., Metro station that’s four blocks from his house, and here they note that, just as Rep. Chakah Fattah has been good to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (he requested a $100,000 earmark for it), PMA’s board members have been good to him (a little over $10,000 in contributions). Oh, and his wife is a board member too.

We posted some pdfs of earmarks here, and our friends at Taxpayers for Common Sense have been putting them online in a much more data friendly format here.

Update: And Robert Bluey points out that there are earmarks in the immigration bill I just wrote about here. Maybe that’s why there aren’t any immigration lobbyists … they’re all listing “appropriations” as their issue…