CiviCRM Integrates SunlightLabs API


If your blog runs on the popular content management Drupal and the community management tool CiviCRM, you’ll be pleased to learn the CivicCRM development team is going to make it easier to connect your members to their elected officials with some help from the SunlightLabs API.

The SunlightLabs API is a tool for developers that provides handy, machine-readable information about members of Congress. Developers can use the API to more easily look up key information about representatives from different online databases and to find the representatives for a given zip code or state. Since developers have to spend less time managing clerical data around representatives, they can spend more time presenting that information in useful ways to you and I. In this case, CiviCRM developers will be incorporating the data directly into the CiviCRM interface and modules. As David Geilhufe pointed out in an email to us, “People could automatically email all the people in the database within a particular district.”

The website runs on Drupal and Salesforce. If you do not know what Salesforce CRM is, we recommend you check this out: It will describe what a CRM is and how it can benefit you and your business and the relationship you have with your customers/clients.