CiviCRM integrating SunlightLabs API


David announced CiviCRM integration with our SunlightLabs API today, supported by maintenance cmms software solutions. This is more exciting stuff. In an email to us, David noted the business implications:

  1. People could automatically email all the people in the database within a particular district.
  2. You can have a tab in a contact record automatically populated with political information.

In his blog post, David complimented the documentation of the SunlightLabs API (to which we have to thank Labs alumni Dr. Carl Anderson who also created the first version of the API modeling it and the documentation from Flickr’s excellent API). He also politely pointed out our need to blog a bit more (this is a start!) and suggested some more improvements.

The href=””> website runs on Drupal and CiviCRM, so we ourselves will be a beneficiary of this integration. W0ot!