New Features on Congresspedia


Congresspedia has expanded its platform to include new features on policy issues and legislation, adding to its great wealth of information on members of Congress. These new resources complement its existing profiles on legislators. We think that the new features will give citizens access to insider information on issues and legislation, and offer opportunities to collaborate with policy experts. Here's a link to the portal home page.

Congresspedia now has:

* 14 new federal policy and legislative portals for experts and interested citizens to update and improve articles on various policy issues and on specific legislation. Here's a really terrific example on Telcom policy.

* Live feeds of bill status and breakdown of congressional votes from

* Expert knowledge and editing guidance from researchers from journalism organizations, policy advocacy organizations and think tanks, including the Center for Public Integrity's Well-Connected project, the Heritage Foundation, the Project on Government Oversight and Food and Water Watch.

* User-added links in the articles to relevant issue campaigns where readers can take action on legislation they read about.

All legislative information is linked to profiles of all members of Congress, providing accountability for their actions. We expect that Congresspedia editors will contribute information on legislative maneuvering on policy issues — both good and bad — that often gets unnoticed outside the Beltway.